Praise for Dr. Ali Maya

“My experience being in retreat with Ali Maya was a deep immersion into love and creativity and musical wonder.  The memory lives in my heart.”

Dr. Gabor Maté
Bestselling Author,
Renowned Speaker,

Ali is a blessing on every level.  She is a gifted healer, a divine singer, a servant of Spirit; and has a way of surrendering to God and Goddess moving through her that re-awakens our trust that we are loved beyond measure and that we are here to co-create a new dawn.

Stephen Dinan
Founder & CEO of The Shift Network
Author, Speaker

“Ali Maya is an incredible pure spirit whose energy radiates compassion, grace and wisdom. I have been blessed to know this wholesome woman for 15 years. The example of the divine that she exudes has made me a better human and healer. Ali will up level how you show up for your personal integrity and well being, as well as that for your family, community and planet. If you have the opportunity to work with Ali Maya in any capacity, leap!!”

Dr. Crystal Dawn
Physician, Herbalist

“Ali Maya embodies supreme love and wisdom. Despite her wealth of knowledge and experience, she remains humble, gentle, and approachable in the way she teaches and supports. I feel so blessed to have her as a teacher and friend. I encourage anyone who is on the path to enlightenment and healing, or considering it, to let Ali Maya walk with you as an ally.”

Shu L
Softwear Engineer

“I have worked with Ali Maya for over 10 years in many different forms and consider her one of my most important teachers, colleagues and facilitators. Her capacity to see and feel deeply into multiple realms and communicate in a way that is direct and clear as well as caring and penetrating has impacted my life, opened my heart and transformed me in profound ways. She is the person I turn to when I need guidance, coaching or help. I have also recommended her work to dozens of people around the world and the feedback always speaks to her integrity, gifts, compassion and commitment to awakening.”

Maya Marcia Wieder
CEO Dream University
Best Selling Author

“Ali Maya is a gift to all. As a teacher and mentor, she has no equal. She is the embodiment of integrity, strength, courage and love. I have been blessed to share sacred meditation space with her on numerous occasions. The depth of her experience and wisdom, combined with her unique ability to meet everyone wherever they may be on their path serves to create the space necessary for deep healing. Like a true Master, she shares her many gifts seemingly without effort. I highly recommend working with Ali Maya as both a teacher and as a guide. Any time spent in her presence will bring unimaginable benefits.”

Dr. Randall Evans, MD FCCP
Intensive Care Physician

“I trust Ali Maya with my soul. I have been attending Ali’s retreats for years. She consistently hoids a pure container of love, trust and safety for deep emotional, somatic and spiritual healing. This is truly her soul’s purpose and what she is meant to do. I am deeply grateful to her for the healing, love, liberation, creativity and play that her circles have unlocked in my life.”

Lisa Wu
Fine Art Photographer

“It is with great joy I pen some of my heart, in sharing my experience with Ali Maya as a guiding light in our lives. My husband and I first attended a retreat with Ali Maya in 2016 and transformative doesn’t even begin to adequately describe our experience. We have taken every opportunity since to join Ali because each retreat is unique, while consistently rooted in the same ‘everflowing fountain’ of love from her. Her teams are always dedicated and dynamic. Working with Ali Maya healed areas of our lives we didn’t even expect needed looking at. She is miraculous, humble, genuine, professional, strong and sweet. Her expertise is evident in every aspect of her retreats. Ali’s work makes me want to fly her to wherever I am physically in the world, so she can work with every soul I’ve ever loved to heal them in the same gentle, yet massively profound ways she has done for me. I credit my beautiful, smart and healthy son to her work. I will be forever in awe of her gifts and thank our divine creator everyday for Ali’s willingness to walk her true path in this way. She truly is a child of the Most High.”

Kim D.
Private Chef

“I have attended retreats in many countries in South America and Europe, but I haven’t ever been to a retreat that is so well held, with such safety, such depth. such grace, such love, such beauty and with such a focus on integration, as the retreats I have done with Ali Maya.”

Mary I.
Spiritual Teacher, Poet

“What I so appreciate about Ali is how fearlessly and unshakeably she centres herself in a sacred and deeply connected presence that offers a sense of safety. Ali has a beautiful, sincere and powerful way of evoking the divine, of evoking the connection. She has a loving and compassionate way of inviting everyone to give attention to that which is precious, to that which is wiser than “Me and my worries…. Me and my doubts….. Me and my desires…. Me and my fears”. She constellates for everyone to experience a sense of presence, something mysterious, something boundless, something truly wise and compassionate. She calmly and lovingly allows others around her to deal with sometimes difficult and unexpected challenges, whilst still maintaining her connection to the divine. It has been a blessing for me to get to know Ali. Through her beauty, knowledge, prayers, most awesome songs, icaros and divine melodic poetry, Ali encourages and blesses countless beings as we renew our lives and turn to something which is truly worthy and in alignment with what is so needed now in this time of great challenge on the earth.”

Harry K.
Author, Speaker

“Ali Maya holds an immaculate space to do deep and profoundly healing work. I highly recommend her retreats for those seeking a safe journey into themselves and beyond.”

Sonya Sophia
Founder, World Tapping Circle

Ali started singing. I opened my eyes. It was so incredibly beautiful. Ali leads the retreat in such a divine and beautiful way. It is so powerful and real. I experienced “Heaven on Earth”. I wish everyone could experience this. My 19yr old son was experiencing some life challenges.   I took him with me to a retreat with Ali Maya. It was life changing and a significant turning point for him. Thank you, Ali.

Steve D’Annunzio
Coach, Writer, Musician
Soul Purpose Institute

Ali…. I wish to thank you with all my heart for all the wonderful changes in my life that I have been able to make since my first retreat with you, I had been through a very tough time, experiencing pain, doubt, relationship problems and lack of self confidence. My life has been transformed. I have been able to let go of that which did not serve me. I am a kinder, more patient and loving human being. I find little miracles everywhere I go. All those small things are not small things anymore.They are miracles. I feel energies flowing through me. I feel the energy of other people now. I am in touch with some new, supportive and amazing friends which I made at your circle. Ali……I am so thankful for the way you create such a safe and loving container. I am so thankful for everything that you do. 

Victoria Weidenbaum
Product Designer

“Ali Maya’s retreats are a tapestry of healing experiences; from the community she has called together. the loving sensitivity and guidance she offers each individual and group, to the wisdom she imparts as an enlightened teacher. More personally, Ali’s prayers have become guideposts that color and direct my waking life journey. . Ali was my guiding star in manifesting my wonderful husband into my life, Her healing music is a recoding mechanism that I turn to again and again. Ali is a magnificent being and how blessed am I to call her a dear friend and teacher.”

Elizabeth Lindsey
Interior Designer

“Ali Maya holds an impeccable container with integrity, grace and love. She makes everyone feel welcome, cared for and safe. As a participant I felt part of the circle, and member of the community. When I needed assistance, the helper angels were at my side. The retreat included movement, breath work and guided meditations, which brought me to tears. It was all excellent. Ali’s integration process was extremely well held. I fell in love with the other humans through their vulnerable sharing. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Ali Maya to anyone.”

Austin Hill Shaw
Architectural Designer at 3 Lights Design
Healer at Insight Coaching

“This retreat has been of absolutely profound benefit!! I really feel like I got some serious darkness out of me as well as some very core ancestral father and masculine healing. I’m so grateful. I feel like a veil of previously unconscious fear has been lifted. What a relief. I’m so happy to be more and more in the flow with an authentic empowerment. From the bottom of my heart, I offer my salutations to all the incredible space you, Ali Maya, facilitate for the healing of so many. And too, thank you for the magic you help co-create and weave together with so many magical beings. It is awesome to see everyone grow! I’m forever blessed with the songs you have woven into my heart. It’s a spring of remembrance and empowerment. ”

David Henry Richanbach

“Ali Maya’s program was an incredible, profound experience that taught me so much and opened up a whole new depth of my own spiritual path. Throughout the program, I felt supported by the community and the format with its many bits and pieces designed to teach and guide us through the experience on all levels. I loved Ali’s very specific, firm teachings and guidance that turned into gold during challenging moments, as if she knew exactly what we were going to need. It has been an honour to learn from her wealth of experience in this wholesome, loving container.”

Michelle R.
High School Teacher

“I write with tears of almost overwhelming gratitude for the transformation I experienced during this retreat. I am still assimilating the fact that so much of the pain, so many of the addictions and paralyzing wounds I have carried for so long have been deeply healed, at the root! Your work has helped me untie knots I had no other way to safely access. You gave me just the tools, love and support I needed to break free of all these chains! I am now walking on the earth in a whole new way, and it feels SO good! I am filled with more love than ever before! You and your team are incredible light workers and I offer you the deepest bow of respect and gratitude.”

Clara Rodriques
Event Planner

“Working with Ali Maya has been transformational. Her kindness, compassion, and authenticity along with her power, magic and gifts as a facilitator are profoundly inspirational. Since beginning my work with Ali my life has changed to be more aligned, peaceful and steady. She holds a safe space for her students to expand and grow without judgment. In Ali I have found a true teacher – someone who I respect in all facets of her being and I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that I have had to harness my true power in our work together. I recommend her to anyone looking for a truly aligned, and a truly safe place to explore the full dimensions of their being, and to anyone who is seeking to come fully into their most authentic, loving heart. Her ability to assist people to weave the teachings of their journeys into the fabric of their lives is exceptional.”

Kate Levinson
Film Locations