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This music emerges from the deep prayer for healing, wisdom, compassion and the Power of Love to reign victorious in our hearts and in all creation

May these sounds and words deliver Truth into your souls, which is to say, may they ignite the Flame of Remembrance of the radiant essence of who you truly are

From this place of wholeness,may you walk in the world with peace today. In doing so, may you be a Bringer of Peace to this world

Miracle of Healing

This collection is inspired by nature, God/Goddess and ancient wisdom teachings. It is a combination of traditional sacred songs (in Shipibo, Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese) and original English tracks. Supporting artists include Adrian Freedman, Mary Isis, Lauren Arrow, Tara Divina, Ila Cantor, Ari Langer, Lucia Lilikoi and Chad Wilkins.

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Washed Free

The music on this album invokes and celebrates the cleansing and healing that I have had the great privilege to witness in ceremonial circles. It celebrates the water element in particular and the divine feminine frequencies that I find deeply soothing and nurturing. Supporting artists include Mary Isis, Lauren Arrow, Tara Divina, Ila Cantor, Chad Wilkins and Robbie Ryan.

Ever Flowing Fountain

My second music album, “Ever-Flowing Fountain” ranges from soothing, meditative spaces, to upbeat, rhythmic expressions of the joy of awakening to Divine Love. It is created with the prayer that each song carries healing and Remembrance into every soul that hears it. Supporting artists include Mary Isis, Lauren Arrow, Tara Divina, Ila Cantor, Robbie Ryan, Eliyahu Sills and Bodhi Setchko.

Oceans of Compassion

My debut full length music album, featuring many original healing songs as well as my interpretation of several traditional tunes. It invokes a spirit of prayer, healing and ceremonial reverence. Supporting musicians include Murray Kyle, Aea Luz, Tara Divina and more.

“When I think about what musical poetry the angels would listen to, I think of Ali Maya’s music.”

Dr. Ryan H.

“Ali sings from the truth of her being, rooted firmly in unconditional LOVE. This music is deep medicine for the soul, a way to stay connected to what is good, true and beautiful in all of us. Thank you Ali- I am eternally grateful for you and your path of devotion to Source.

Sonya Sophia
World Tapping Circle

“Ali Maya’s music has been a great source of inspiration and upliftment in my life. Her prayerful lyrics of compassion and hope paired with the masterful music production create such a healing soundscape for relaxation, meditation and movement. I love how so many lines from her songs weave through my life, like empowering affirmations of healing. For that I AM TRULY GRATEFUL.”

Mary Isis
Sacred Music Producer

“From the very first time I heard Ali Maya’s music, it had an amazing impact on me. Over time I have developed a ritual that I go through before I listen. I turn out the lights, turn up the volume. I feel the music washing over me. It takes me to a meditative space.which touches me in a very special way. You are a gifted songwriter with a very beautiful voice.. Please keep on writing and playing.”

Calvin Butler
Film Director

“Ali Maya’s music is such a pure and powerful prayer! Reaches deep into the soul…Thank you Ali Maya

Hope R.

“This weekend has been the most awakening time of my life. I love your music. I am singing Gran Espiritu everywhere I go. It is keeping me present and tapped into the depth of the moment. I can hear your voice singing that song in the background even while I am thinking or daydreaming too. What an ability you have for transmission. Phew! Eternally grateful.”

Travis O.
Massage Therapist