“My experience being in retreat with Ali Maya was a deep immersion into love and creativity and musical wonder.  The memory lives in my heart.”

Dr. Gabor Maté
Bestselling Author, Renowned Speaker & Physician 

Ali is a blessing on every level.  She is a gifted healer, a divine singer, a servant of Spirit; and has a way of surrendering to God and Goddess moving through her that re-awakens our trust that we are loved beyond measure and that we are here to co-create a new dawn.

Stephen Dinan
Founder & CEO of The Shift Network
Author, Speaker

Ali started singing. I opened my eyes. It was so incredibly beautiful. Ali leads the retreat in such a divine and beautiful way. It is so powerful and real. I experienced “Heaven on Earth”. I wish everyone could experience this. My 19yr old son was experiencing some life challenges.   I took him with me to a retreat with Ali Maya. It was life changing and a significant turning point for him. Thank you, Ali.

Steve D’Annunzio
Coach, Writer, Musician
Soul Purpose Institute

Ali Maya holds an impeccable container with integrity, grace and love.  She makes everyone feel welcome, cared for and safe.  As a participant I felt part of the circle, and  member of the community. When I needed assistance, the helper angels were at my side.  The retreat which included movement, breath work and guided meditations (which brought me to tears) was excellent. Ali’s integration process was extremely well held.  I fell in love with the other humans through their vulnerable sharing. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Ali Maya to anyone.

Austin Hill Shaw
Architectural Designer at 3 Lights Design
Healer at Insight Coaching 

What I so appreciate about Ali is how fearlessly and unshakeably she centres herself in a sacred and deeply connected presence that offers a sense of safety.  Ali has a beautiful, sincere and powerful way of evoking the divine, of evoking the connection.  She has a loving and compassionate way of inviting everyone to give attention to that which is precious, to that which is wiser than “Me and my worries…. Me and my doubts….. Me and my desires…. Me and my fears”.  She constellates for everyone to experience a sense of presence, something mysterious, something boundless, something truly wise and compassionate. She calmly and lovingly allows others around her to deal with sometimes difficult and unexpected challenges, whilst still maintaining her connection to the divine.  It has been a blessing for me to get to know Ali.   Through her beauty, knowledge, prayers, most awesome songs, and divine melodic poetry, Ali encourages and blesses countless beings as we renew our lives and turn to something which is truly worthy and in alignment with what is so needed now in this time of great challenge on the earth.

Ali…. I wish to thank you with all my heart for all the wonderful changes in my life that I have been able to make since my first retreat with you, I had been through a very touch time, experiencing pain, doubt, relationship problems and lack of self confidence. My life has been transformed.   I have been able to let go of that which did not serve me. I am a kinder, more patient and loving human being.  I find little miracles everywhere I go. All those small things are not small things anymore.They are miracles. I feel energies flowing through me. I feel the energy of other people now. I am in touch with some new, supportive and amazing friends which I made at your circle. Ali……I am so thankful for the way you create such a safe and loving container. I am so thankful for everything that you do. 

Victoria Weidenbaum
Product Designer