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Washed Free

Ali’s latest release.

“Ali sings from the truth of her being, rooted firmly in unconditional LOVE. This music is deep medicine for the soul, a way to stay connected to what is good, true and beautiful in all of us. Thank you Ali- I am eternally grateful for you and your path of devotion to Source.
❤️  Favorite track: Waters of Forgiveness.”

-Sonya Sophia Illig

“I love EVERY song on this album. This is Healing Musical Medicine for the heart and soul. So grateful!!
❤️  Favorite track: Waters of Forgiveness.”

-Mary Isis

“Such pure and powerful prayers! Reaches deep into the soul…Thank you Ali Maya
❤️  Favorite track: Look Inside.”

– Hope Reborn

Ever Flowing Fountain

Listen to and download Ali Maya’s second music album, “Ever-Flowing Fountain.” This album ranges from soothing, meditative spaces, to upbeat, rhythmic expressions of the joy of awakening to Divine Love. It is created with the prayer that each song carries healing and Remembrance into every soul that hears it.

Oceans of Compassion

Listen to and download Ali Maya’s debut full length music album, featuring many of her original healing songs as well as her interpretation of several traditional tunes. Guest musicians include Murray Kyle, Aea Luz, Eleanor Tara and more.

Guided Meditations

Ali skillfully guides you through several traditional meditation practices designed to cultivate a state of deep peace and radiant wellness in every dimension of your being. Her soothing voice is set to a backdrop of relaxing harp & flute music.

Gaia Songbook

This is a collection of over 80 of the songs Ali loves to sing at her gatherings, plus many new gems to learn.  It includes lyrics, guitar chords and brief explanations/translations of the songs.