ALI MAYA’s retreats, programs and music are guided by the prayer for the alleviation of human suffering and the opening of the human heart, in service to creating a healthier, happier world for all.

“I write with tears of almost overwhelming gratitude for the transformation I experienced during this retreat.  I am still assimilating the fact that so much of the pain, so many off the addictions and paralyzing wounds I have carried for so long have been deeply healed, at the root!  Your work has helped me untie knots I had no other way to safely access.  You gave me just the tools, love and support I needed to break free off all these chains!  I am now walking on the earth in a whole new way, and it feels SO good!  I am filled with more love than ever before!  You and your team are incredible light workers and I offer you the deepest bow of respect and gratitude!”


“This retreat has been of absolute profound benefit!! I really feel like I got some serious darkness out of me. Some very core ancestral Father, Masculine healing. I am sooo grateful! I feel like a veil of previously unconscious fear has been lifted. What a relief! I am so happy to be more and more in the flow with an authentic, empowered me.  From the bottom of my heart I offer my salutations to all the incredible space you facilitate for the healing of so much of our family. And too, thank you for the magic you help co-create and weave together with so many magical beings!!!  It’s awesome to see everyone grow!  I am forever blessed with the songs you have woven into my heart.  It’s a spring of remembrance and empowerment.”